Need for Identity and Access Management Architecture for Enterprises Today

Start Date : 01-Oct-2020 10:00 AM

On demand

By TechnoBind & Thales

As proliferation of cloud technologies increase, firms are posed with the challenge of ensuring data security, network security, application security in a complex data environment with limited funding on IT Security and highest possible rate of return. Also, with the growth of the cloud, the concept of a defined perimeter and perimeter security is losing its context. Hackers are finding innovative ways to impersonate employees and exploiting their privileges to steal critical and sensitive data. In the past five months, as remote working has increased due to the pandemic, there have been increased cases of hacking, phishing, and other online frauds, as hackers try to take advantage of possible vulnerabilities. With this context in mind, Thales CPL along with Indian Express and Technobind is coming together with top CIOs ,CTOs and CISOs of the IT industry for virtual round table conference, wherein they will be sharing their views, perspectives and best practices on how they can secure user identity in a constantly changing digital environment.